Tree Care Services

Our skilled tree service professionals provide care for your trees in Peninsula cities from San Mateo, Menlo Park, Atherton to San Jose and many more.

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Tree Pruning

Pruning is necessary for healthy tree growth and shape. Well-pruned trees and shrubs look natural – not “chopped”. As an arborist, Paul has studied tree physiology, growth habits and form. There are several pruning approaches – and it’s important to choose the right one! We’ll take a look at your trees and shrubs and suggest the right strategy.

Tree Selection & Planting

Confused about what to consider when faced with a selection of trees to purchase? That’s where we can assist you. Every tree installed by Maguire Tree Care is personally selected at the nursery. In fact, we evaluate every aspect of the specimen. Not only do we look at the tree for proper structure and form, but we closely examine the trunk taper, collar flare and most importantly, the root ball. Proper tree selection is vital to the success of a newly planted tree.

 Tree Support Systems


Sometimes Mother Nature comes up a bit short, and creates a tree with natural defects. Poor limb attachments, or tight “crotches”, are areas of concern --especially with larger trees. These are primary areas where limb failure can occur if nothing is done. To correct the problem, we’ll install a wide variety of cable systems to back up an otherwise weak branch attachment. Sometimes a steel, static cable is needed, and other times the situation calls for a dynamic, flexible cable.


On occasion, a tree may have a very large horizontal limb that just cannot be cabled, but needs support. This is where propping comes in to play. We physically prop up the subject limb with a jack, then mount a galvanized steel pipe to the underside of the limb and set it into a concrete footing. The limb is then lowered off the jack – leaving the prop to support the load. Props can also be used on trees that have severe leans to them.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root feeding is used to strengthen and green up canopies that are growing in unfavorable site conditions where the natural nutrients are routinely removed from the soil (ex: Raking/blowing of leaves). When we consult with you, we’ll recommend the appropriate feeding schedule for your shrubs and trees. 

Arborists Reports

Many times an arborist report is needed to satisfy city requirements. For example, an official report might be needed prior to starting a construction project or when a tree on your property needs to be removed.


Wood Chip Mulch

Mulch is one of the easiest things you can add to your landscape to help improve the overall health of your trees and plants. On the other hand, mulch is one of the most neglected aspects when creating your landscape!

 Tree Removal

We are equipped and trained to safely remove a tree when the time comes. We take the extra time when removing a tree to make sure we are not damaging any of your other landscape plants. After a tree is removed, we can help you select and replace with a new tree that will flourish in the place of the old tree.

Root Collar Excavations

Tree root deterioration caused by poor soil and other conditions is serious and can lead to tree disease. If you notice yellow foliage, upper crown dieback or pests invading your tree – we should examine it right away.

Paul is a certified arborist who lovingly and expertly cared for my 8 large trees on my property including pruning, disease diagnosis, disease prevention and overall tree care. Happily Maguire Tree Care over an almost 8 year period helped the trees thrive and keep their beauty. I would recommend Paul and his company any time.
— Peggy Ruse