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We have 1.3 acres in Woodside, with a variety of trees — from cherries, to oaks to giant eucalyptus, to birch and many more. Maguire Tree Care has worked with nearly every variety of tree on our property during their four visits over the past year. We have been very pleased with the work Paul (and his crew) have done on our property. Among other things, I appreciate his clear communication, his wisdom about tree care, the professionalism of his crew, and the care they take to clean up. And, most important, their work on the trees themselves has been first-rate. Perhaps the best thing about Paul’s company is that he is on-site for every job — he does not consult with you and then send someone else out to do the work. I feel that his personal attention to every job sets Maguire apart from other local tree service companies.
— Danielle