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Certified Arborists

Family-Owned Tree Care Service

At Maguire Tree Care, we take personal pride in carefully inspecting each tree on your property to determine exactly what it needs to be a beautiful, healthy part of your overall landscape. Paul Maguire, certified arborist, has over 25 years of experience and can answer any questions you may have and provide insights.

Being a certified arborist requires ongoing education to keep up certification credentials, as well as passing a rigorous exam. Rest assured that you’ll only have knowledgeable staff maintaining the trees on your property. We are certified through ISA as well as members of Tree Care Industry Association.


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Our philosophy

Our personal philosophy is that trees serve to beautify our landscape while playing an important part in our overall environment. Did you know that a mature tree can actually absorb dust similar to an air filter, while recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen? A single large tree removes about 25 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each day, and in the process of photosynthesis, releases about 12 pounds of oxygen.

Paul has cared for the large trees and shrubs on my property for over ten years at least. He has managed one tree in a very difficult spot to keep it off the roof and from shading the photovoltaic solar panels, while still maintaining a beautiful shape. As a landscape architect, I am very selective about who works on my trees and there are very few arborist where the one with the training actually does the work. Paul and his crew are all very well trained and knowledgeable and hands on. I highly recommend him.
— Sherri Osaka, Landscape Architect



Areas Served

Maguire Tree Care has been serving the Peninsula and Coastal cities in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997 including:

🍃Palo Alto

🍂Portola Valley


🍁Redwood City

🍃San Carlos

🍂San Jose

🌿San Mateo






🍂Foster City

🌿Half Moon Bay Coastside

🍁Los Altos

🍃Los Altos Hills

🍂Los Gatos

🌿Menlo Park

🍁Mountain View